Spring Hoe Package - Two Wheel Tractor

Manufacturer Part Number: KIT-1078

Tilmor Part Number: KIT-1078

by Thiessen Tillage Equipment

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Spring Hoe Mounting Plate
US$ 30.00
In stock
Spring Hoe Right
US$ 35.00
In stock
Spring Hoe Left
US$ 35.00
In stock
Tool Standard (1/2" x 1-1/4" Flat Shank)
US$ 20.00
In stock
Long Arm Hitch
US$ 148.00
In stock
Gauge Wheel w/ Clamp (Pair)
US$ 206.00
In stock
1.5" to 1.5" Square Cross Clamp
US$ 26.00
In stock
1.5" Flat Shank Clamp
US$ 25.00
In stock
18" Aluminum Modbar
US$ 32.00
In stock
Hardware Pack for Flat/Round Shanks
US$ 5.46
In stock
24" Aluminum Modbar
US$ 36.00
In stock
37" Aluminum Modbar
US$ 45.00
In stock
48" Aluminum Modbar
US$ 53.00
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Name Spring Hoe Mounting Plate Spring Hoe Right Spring Hoe Left Tool Standard (1/2" x 1-1/4" Flat Shank) Long Arm Hitch Gauge Wheel w/ Clamp (Pair) 1.5" to 1.5" Square Cross Clamp 1.5" Flat Shank Clamp 18" Aluminum Modbar Hardware Pack for Flat/Round Shanks 24" Aluminum Modbar Thiessen, 37" Aluminum Modbar Thiessen, 48" Aluminum Modbar
Image spring hoe mount spring hoe spring hoe aluminum tool standard flat shank long arm hitch gauge wheel with clamp for 1-1/2" square 1-1/2" square cross clamp 1.5" tube to flat shank 18" aluminum modbar 1-1/2" square bolt pack  aluminum modbar 1-1/2" square  aluminum modbar 1-1/2" square
Tilmor Part Number PA-9178 PA-9176 PA-9177 PA-9006 PA-9121 PA-9122 PA-9123 PA-9124 PA-9126 49-4072 PA-9127 PA-9129 PA-9130
Manufacturer Part Number SH-MP SH-RT SH-LT WB-AFS350 WB-LAH WB-GWP WB-ACC WB-AFC MB-A545 N/A MB-A700 MB-A940 MB-A1220
Weight 2.0000 lbs. 1.2000 lbs. 1.2000 lbs. 0.8000 lbs. 9.8500 lbs. 12.2500 lbs. 1.3500 lbs. 0.8500 lbs. 1.9000 lbs. 0.4400 lbs. 2.4000 lbs. 3.2000 lbs. 3.8000 lbs.
California Residents WARNING: Click here for more information on Proposition 65
Warranty Limited 1 year warranty to original owner. Click here for more information.