Power Ox Two-Wheel Tractor In Greenhouse

Conquer weeds and increase production with the all new Power Ox. Designed for planting, cultivation, and light hilling, the Power Ox is a great compliment for growers that already have primary tillage machines.

One person can switch between implements by removing a single pin with no need for tools.

Starting at $ 1,995 USD

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Power Ox

Power Ox Side Drawing
Power Ox Narrow Front Drawing
Power Ox Wide Front Drawing

Beds or Rows

Narrow Frame w/Skinny Tires: Designed for 15" row crop cultivation

Narrow Frame w/Fat Tires: More flotation in sandier soils on 18-20" rows

Wide Frame: 36"+ between the tires designed to completely straddle a 30" bed and bed shoulder

Ease of Use

Variable ground speed from crawl to fast walk

Quick-Adjust handles for optimal operating height for any operator

Balanced for optimal maneuverability

Independent wheel rotation for ease of turning

Simple one handed operation on either side when using over a bed

11"+ of ground clearance

Quick-Change of implements with no tools

Other Features

Engine: Briggs & Stratton 550 Series - 127cc - 5.5 ft/lbs torque - 6:1 Reduction

Only two controls: Throttle and drive engagement handles.

Convenient tool box

Wheel Weights: Quickly add up to 25lbs per wheel when additional traction is necessary (Optional)

Front Weights: Quickly add up to 20lbs to the front of the machine when additional traction and counter-balance is necessary (Optional)

Basic Kickstand

*Specifications subject to change without notice