Manufacturer Part Number: WB-MH460

by Thiessen Tillage Equipment

Price: $54.00

Used mostly commonly in conjunction with the wide 52" toolbar, this kit allows you to mount tooling for the center row, offset back from the outer two rows. Clamps, instead of a welded hitch, allow for adjustment of the spacing between the forward bars to accommodate different types of tooling.
Includes two Standard Cross clamps, two 14" legs and one 18" hitch.

Price: $54.00 USD

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Name Mid-Hitch
Image Planet Junior Mid Hitch - Thiessen
Tilmor Part Number PA-9013
Manufacturer Part Number WB-MH460
Weight 11.75 lbs.
California Residents WARNING: Click here for more information on Proposition 65
Warranty Limited 1 year warranty to original owner. Click here for more information.