Basket Weeder - Two Wheel Tractor

Manufacturer Part Number: KIT-1036

Tilmor Part Number: KIT-1036

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The Tilmor Basket Weeder is typically used for inter-row weeding. The wire baskets are spaced apart to allow for the crop row to pass between.

Basket weeders may also be used to prepare a stale seedbed by placing the baskets together and running over the entire width of a seedbed.

Ships via UPS in multiple boxes. Assembly Required.

The following configuration includes all of the necessary pieces (two side plates, two mounts, chain cover, and one set of sprockets and chain) that are recommended for a 15" row spacing single row cultivation setup for a Tilmor Power Ox or Planet Jr. Walk Behind.
If you want something configured differently and have questions, please give us a call 1-844-255-5864

Kit, Basket Weeder Frame 35"/60"
49-4052 US$ 253.00
In stock
Kit, Basket Weeder Drive
49-4054 US$ 134.00
In stock
Mini Basket Weeder Mount
49-4057 US$ 76.00
In stock
Kit, Courtesy Hardware
49-4068 US$ 1.03
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Included in this package:

Product Price (ea) Quantity Availability
4 inch Basket
US$ 165.00
In stock
5 inch Basket
US$ 167.00
In stock
6 inch Basket
US$ 169.00
In stock
7 inch Basket
US$ 171.00
In stock
8 inch Basket
US$ 175.00
In stock
9 inch Basket
US$ 178.00
In stock
10 inch Basket
US$ 180.00
In stock
Long Arm Hitch
US$ 148.00
In stock
Basket Weeder Chain Cover
US$ 114.00
In stock
12 inch Basket
US$ 182.00
In stock
35" Axle
US$ 93.00
In stock
24" ModBar
US$ 37.00
In stock
60" Axle
US$ 207.00
In stock
37" Modbar
US$ 45.00
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Name 4 inch Basket 5 inch Basket 6 inch Basket 7 inch Basket 8 inch Basket 9 inch Basket 10 inch Basket Long Arm Hitch Basket Weeder Chain Cover 12 inch Basket Mini Basket Weeder Axle - 35" 1.5" Toolbar for Power Ox/Planet Jr. Modular Tool Bar 24" - 1.5" Square Basket Weeder Axle 60" Modular Tool Bar 37" - 1.5" Square Kit, Basket Weeder Frame 35"/60" Kit, Basket Weeder Drive Mini Basket Weeder Mount Kit, Courtesy Hardware
Image Basket Assembly for Tilmor Basket Weeder Basket Assembly for Tilmor Basket Weeder Basket Assembly for Tilmor Basket Weeder Basket Assembly for Tilmor Basket Weeder Basket Assembly for Tilmor Basket Weeder Basket Assembly for Tilmor Basket Weeder Basket Assembly for Tilmor Basket Weeder long arm hitch Tilmor Basket Weeder Chain Guard Basket Assembly for Tilmor Basket Weeder Axle Kit for Tilmor Basket Weeder 1.5" Square toolbar mount for Power Ox and Planet Jr. Modbar 24" Axle Kit for Tilmor Basket Weeder 37" ModBar - Modular Toolbar - 2" Square Tube End Plate for Tilmor Basket Weeder Drive Chain and Sprocket for Basket Weeder Toolbar mount for Basket Weeder
Tilmor Part Number KIT-1012 KIT-1005 KIT-1006 KIT-1007 KIT-1008 KIT-1009 KIT-1010 PA-9121 AW-9055 KIT-1011 49-4071 AU-9007 AA-1096 49-4050 AA-1105 49-4052 49-4054 49-4057 49-4068
Manufacturer Part Number N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A WB-LAH N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Weight 9.85 lbs. 9.95 lbs. 10 lbs. 10.25 lbs. 10.5 lbs. 10.65 lbs. 10.8 lbs. 9.8500 lbs. 10.0000 lbs. 11.1 lbs. 10.0000 lbs. 10.0000 lbs. 7.5000 lbs. 21.0000 lbs. 7.0000 lbs. 29.9500 lbs. 5.0000 lbs. 11.0000 lbs. 1.0000 lbs.
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