Finger Weeder and Tender Plant Hoe - 1 Row - Planet Jr. style

Manufacturer Part Number: 49-0211

Tilmor Part Number: 49-0211

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7" Tender Plant Hoe - Pair
US$ 56.00
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13" Finger Weeder Hub
US$ 109.00
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Flat Shank Tool Standard
US$ 20.00
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Standard Cross Clamp
US$ 22.00
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Crossbar (21")
US$ 24.00
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Trailing Arms - Pair
US$ 63.00
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21" Toolbar
US$ 153.00
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Adjustable Gauge Wheel
US$ 206.00
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Bolt/Hardware Pack
US$ 5.46
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Plate, Drive 13"
US$ 50.00
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Finger Hardness

13" Hard Finger Replacement

Hard - Recommended in heavier, clay soils with well-rooted, hardy crops.
Direct replacement for Tilmor, Steketee, and Garford finger weeders.

Medium polyurethane finger for 13" Finger Weeder replacement

Medium - Recommended in sandy, lighter soils with delicate crops.
Direct replacement for Tilmor, Steketee, and Garford finger weeders.


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Name Tender Plant Hoe - 7 x 3/16 - Right/Left Pair 13" Tool Standard (1/2" x 1-1/4" Flat Shank) Thiessen, Standard PJ Cross Clamp Thiessen, Cross Bar 21" Trailing Arms Planet Jr Hitch 21" Adjustable Gauge Wheel Hardware Pack for Flat/Round Shanks Plate, Drive 13" Hard Medium
Image Tender Plant Hoe for small plant cultivation AW-9003 hub without finger or shank aluminum tool standard flat shank standard cross clamp - rectangular toolbar to flat shank 21 inch cross bar trailing arms for Planet Jr 21" Toolbar for Planet Jr (5/8x1-1/4) Gauge Wheels for Planet Jr bolt pack 13" Drive Plate 13" Hard Finger Replacement Medium polyurethane finger for 13" Finger Weeder replacement
Tilmor Part Number KIT-1022 AW-9003 PA-9006 PA-9008 PA-9011 PA-9014 PA-9015 PA-9018 49-4072 AW-1332 AW-3013 AW-3011
GTIN 00850002085310 00850002085013
Manufacturer Part Number N/A N/A WB-AFS350 WB-SCC WB-CB535 WB-TA760 WB-PJ535 WB-PJG N/A N/A N/A N/A
Weight 5.1 lbs. 6.0000 lbs. 0.8000 lbs. 1.1000 lbs. 3.7000 lbs. 13.8000 lbs. 13.0000 lbs. 6.4500 lbs. 0.4400 lbs. 2.0000 lbs. 1.3500 lbs. 1.3500 lbs.
California Residents WARNING: Click here for more information on Proposition 65
Warranty Limited 1 year warranty to original owner. Click here for more information.