Tractor Mounted Dibbler

Manufacturer Part Number: PA-9169

Tilmor Part Number: PA-9169

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This Tractor Mounted Dibbler leaves an impression in the soil or pokes holes into plastic for accurately spaced transplants.

  • Row Spacings up to 36 Inches
  • Plant Spacings from 3 to 41 Inches
    • 3", 4", 6", 8", 12", 15", 22", or 41"
  • Wheels securely clamp onto axle
  • Easily move wheels for offset planting
  • Most adjustments can be made using a flat head screw driver
  • Ideal for plant spacing when distance between rows is critical such as with a basket weeder
  • Stores the spare dibbles right on the wheels
Keep In Mind:
  • Accuracy will vary slightly with soil conditions
  • Dibbles can puncture drip tape
  • Lift tool when cornering to prevent damage

Choose Toolbar Type

This bracket will provide connection directly to a 3 pt. Hitch Category 1 Tractor.

This bracket will connect directly to a 2 Inch Square Tube. Select a toolbar below, or provide your own.

Choose Toolbar

You must provide your own 2 Inch Square Toolbar.

Allis-Chalmers G Toolbar Render

This 2 Inch Square Toolbar Mounts onto a standard Allis Chambers G Tractor.

Farmall Toolbar Render

This 2 Inch Square Toolbar Mounts onto a standard Farmall/International Tractor.

Kubota Toolbar Render

This 2 Inch Square Toolbar Mounts onto a standard Kutbota L245 Tractor.

Tilmor Toolbar

This 2 Inch Square Toolbar Mounts onto a Tilmor 520 Tractor.

Add Dibble Wheels

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Wheel with 16 Dibbles
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  • Adjustable between row and in row spacing
  • 2" wide plastic outer wheel
  • CAD designed and CNC cut inner wheel spokes for strength and functionality
  • Add up to 12 wheels.
  • Moisture resistant, wooden inner wheel spokes(Advantech Flooring)
  • Wood surfaces coated only with linseed oil
  • Red powder coat finish
  • Stainless steel bearing surfaces
  • Dibbles are 7075(hard) aluminum 2 1/2" long, 1" diameter
  • Made in Vermont, USA!

Name Category 1 Tractor Adaptor For Dibbler Frame 2 Inch Toolbar Adapter For Dibbler Frame Wheel with 16 Dibbles
Image dibble-wheel-whit-16-dibbles
Tilmor Part Number PA-9170 PA-9171 PA-9053
GTIN 852229002415
Manufacturer Part Number N/A N/A 852229002415
Weight 10.7000 lbs. 3.7000 lbs. 5.5500 lbs.
California Residents WARNING: Click here for more information on Proposition 65
Warranty Limited 1 year warranty to original owner. Click here for more information.