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2-3X FASTER Cultivate 2-3 times faster than a grape hoe with speeds from 4-7 mph depending on soil conditions.
REDUCED VINE DAMAGE Flexible polyurethane fingers remove weeds without any damage to vines themselves.
NO SENSORS/HYDRAULICS The ACS uses flexible torsion rods to move around vines without use of hydraulics or sensors.



Adaptive Cultivator Features

Spotlight Features
  1. 26" Polyurethane Fingers
  2. Torsion Flex Rod Location
  3. 14" Steel Spyder Pair
  4. Drive Plates
  5. Torsion Flex Rod Location
  6. 2" Square Reciever

Weed Control System
  • 14" Steel Spyder Pair | Breaks crust and uproots weeds alongside the row, followed by fingers
  • Polyurethane Fingers (Yellow) Flexes around plants in the row, flicking out weeds without damage to vines

Mechanical Drive
  • Drive Plates under the yellow fingers cause them to spin with a flicking action
  • Spyders work by rolling over the ground at the tractor's speed

Complete Adjustability
  • 7 Adjustable Joints | For greater function control
Flexible Design
  • Torsion/Flex Rods | Flexes around the vine without damage


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