Plastic Lifter/Winder Combo

Manufacturer Part Number: KIT-1094

Tilmor Part Number: KIT-1094

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Tired of removing your plastic mulch by hand? Eliminate the need for hand removal of plastic and save labor/money in the process. The Tilmor Plastic Lifter and Winder will help you take back your field and profit with ease!

The special Combo Cat. 1 toolbars will allow you to lift and wind plastic at the same time on standard 3" to 4" raised beds. Taller beds may require separate lifting and winding operations. Depending on debris, plastic thickness and width, it will vary how far the winder can go before needing emptied but we estimate that it will hold 300-350ft of rolled plastic.

This system can be used on low horsepower tractors down to 20 horsepower. The lifter has a wide adjustment range, allowing you to fit the width of your plastic (3 ft., 4 ft. or 5 ft.). The plastic winder is ground driven, meaning that whatever speed you're traveling, the winder is spinning appropriately. The winder also spins in a direction that allows for dirt and debris to be shed from the plastic as it winds.

Included in this package:

Product Price (ea) Quantity Availability
76 inch Toolbar, Cat. 1
$ 374.00
In stock
Lower Toolbar, Cat.1/Tilmor 76"
$ 202.00
In stock
Plastic Winder
$ 2982.00
In stock
Plastic Lifter
$ 872.00
In stock
Modular Tool Bar 24" - 2" Square
$ 37.00
In stock
Height Adjustment Clamp
$ 68.00
In stock
Gauge Wheel
$ 249.00
In stock
ToolBar To ToolBar Connector
$ 79.00
In stock
2" to 2" Square Tube Cross Clamp
$ 48.00
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Name 76 inch Toolbar, Cat. 1 Lower Toolbar, Cat.1/Tilmor 76" Plastic Winder Plastic Lifter Modular Tool Bar 24" - 2" Square Height Adjustment Clamp Gauge Wheel ToolBar To ToolBar Connector 2" to 2" Square Tube Cross Clamp
Image Category 1 Toolbar Render Bare Toolbar for Tilmor and Cat 1 Winder for Plastic Mulch Plastic Lifter Modbar 24" 2" to 1.5" square tube cross clamp gauge wheel 2" to 2" cross clamp
Tilmor Part Number KIT-1028 49-4107 48-11400 KIT-1037 AA-1081 AA-9059 AW-9061 AA-9072 AA-9082
GTIN 00850002085129 00850002085488 00850002085495
Manufacturer Part Number N/A N/A N/A N/A AA-1081 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Weight 70.95 lbs. 46.1500 lbs. 335.0000 lbs. 110 lbs. 9.5000 lbs. 6.5000 lbs. 26.3000 lbs. 20.2000 lbs. 4.0000 lbs.
California Residents WARNING: Click here for more information on Proposition 65
Warranty Limited 1 year warranty to original owner. Click here for more information.