Infinite Dibbler

Manufacturer Part Number: 852229002385

Tilmor Part Number: PA-9052

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Leaves an impression in the soil to accurately space transplants. Pokes accurate holes in plastic also! Accuracy will vary slightly with soil conditions.

Each of the wheels independently can be set for plant spacing of: 3", 4", 6", 8", 12", 15", 22", or 41". All of the wheels clamp securely to the same axle for almost infinite adjustment up to the maximum width of 32" and providing options for offset planting.

Each wheel has a 2" wide outer plastic wheel and you can add up to 11 wheels as you like (One wheel needed per row)

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Wheel with 16 dibbles
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  • Add as many wheels as you like
  • Adjustable between row and in row spacing
  • Ideal for plant spacing when distance between rows is critical such as with a basket weeder
  • Stores the spare dibbles right on the wheels
  • 2" wide plastic outer weel -Now standard! - Wheels are not included with frame price.
  • CAD designed and CNC cut inner wheel spokes for strength and functionality
  • Moisture resistant, wooden inner wheel spokes(Advantech Flooring)
  • Wood surfaces coated only with linseed oil
  • Ash handles (36")
  • Red powdercoat finish
  • Stainless steel bearing surfaces
  • Dibbles are 7075(hard) aluminum 2 1/2" long, 1" diameter
  • Made in Vermont, USA!
Name Wheel with 16 Dibbles
Image wheel with 16 dibbles
Tilmor Part Number PA-9053
GTIN 852229002415
Manufacturer Part Number 852229002415
Weight 5.5500 lbs.
California Residents WARNING: Click here for more information on Proposition 65
Warranty Limited 1 year warranty to original owner. Click here for more information.