Tilmor 520 - Cultivating Tractor

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Engine Option

Tilmor Tractor 520M

Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Air-Cooled Gas

Tilmor Tractor 520M

Kubota D902
3cyl Liquid Cooled Diesel

Options and Accessories

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Cultivation Lights
In stock
Work Lights
In stock
Front Receiver Hitch
In stock
Suspension Seat
In stock
Tuff Top Canopy
In stock
Road Package
In stock
Auxiliary Hydraulics
In stock
Aux Power - Front
In stock
Aux Power - Rear
In stock
Harness, 12V AUX ACC
In stock
Implement Hoist Kit
In stock
520Y Maintenance Kit
In stock
Hitch Mount Cargo Box
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Options and Accessories

All Options and Accessories are easily installed by the customer.
The Suspension Seat (AT-9054-99) is the only factory installed option.

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Tilmor 520 Tractor Features
  Product Part # Description
1 Implement Hoist AT-9061 Lift and install implements onto front 3-pt. hitch of Tilmor tractor with ease. Includes pivot attachment for tractor. Load limit 450lbs.
2 Tuff Top Canopy AT-9059 Fold down canopy that bolts on ROPS.
3 Road Package AT-9077 Includes amber and red marker/turn signal lights, two front head lights, horn, and slow moving vehicle (SMV) sign.
4 Suspension Seat AT-9054-99 Suspension Seat with seat belt. - Factory Install
5 Work Lights AT-9047 Includes four LED 4" x 4" wide flood lights. Two forward and two rear facing lights located on the the tractor fender.
6 Cultivation Lights AT-9046 Includes two 13" long LED lights mounted flush on each side of the front frame providing optimum working light for belly mounted implements.
7 Front Receiver Hitch AT-9049 Bolt on kit for a front mount receiver hitch for 2" x 2" square tubing
8 Auxiliary Hydraulics AT-9086 Add front and rear auxiliary hydraulic couplers to the tractor. Includes standard, female, 1/4" Quick-Connect couplers.
9 Aux Power - Front, Rear AT-9088, AT-9089 Add a 4-pin, 40amp, auxiliary electric outlet to the front of the tractor


By offering simple, mechanized solutions for cultivation, planting, and crop care, we at Tilmor support sustainable agriculture and the profitability of your farms for today and into the future. The tools and power units are simple because of our unwavering pursuit to produce products that balance ease of use, ease of maintenance, reliability, and affordability to allow access by growers at many different scales and ranges of diversification.


Creativity, productivity, and common sense are designed into the DNA of the Tilmor brand and our 520 series tractors. As many of the developers, engineers, and testing personnel are farmers themselves and our equipment must pass through the critical eyes and rigorous use by farmers themselves. Our tractors come standard with a mechanical transmission, ability to attach two toolbars with our quick latch design, adjustable tire spacing, two toolboxes, usb, 2" receivers, and the ability to add work lights, auxiliary power, auxiliary hydraulics, canopy, and suspension seat.


The safety of you and your employees is important to us which is why our tractors come standard with certified ROPS, park brake, operator presence start circuit, shields and the optional lighting kit for roads.

Serving you from Northeast Ohio

The Tilmor 520 Series tractors are designed, tested, and assembled by Tilmor employees right here in Northeast Ohio. Our team is available to provide you the customer support you need to answer questions, troubleshoot challenges, and much more. Let us help you make your farms more efficient and productive as you seek to grow your business and serve your community in a profitable way.

Tilmor Side View Wireframe
Tilmor Front View Wireframe


Standard Fold down Roll bar and Seat Belt

Operator Safety Interlock System


Implement depth control for accuracy and easy depth setting

Conveniently located 2” receiver tubes for easily modifying and personalizing your tractor

USB port for charging your devices

Other Standard Features

Toolbox by operator platform

Hydraulic lift/operation of mid and rear implements

Front and Rear Wheel adjustments from 50” on center to 78” on center in 2” increments (per side)

Synchronized manual transmission

Automotive-style disk brakes on rear wheels. Separate brake pedals for sharp right or left turns

Automotive-style sealed electrical system

12V, 550CCA Battery + 60amp alternator

Mechanical fuel pump

Premium Features

Hoist/Lift for easy removal and installation of mid mount implements

Cultivation Lights for optimal visibility and control when operating in darker conditions

Suspension Seat

* Specifications subject to change without notice

For Tractor Owners

Name Tilmor, Tractor 520M Gas Tilmor, Tractor 520Y DSL Cultivation Lights Work Lights Rear BPTO Front Receiver Hitch Suspension Seat Tuff Top Canopy Road Package Auxiliary Hydraulics Aux Power - Front Aux Power - Rear Harness, 12V AUX ACC Implement Hoist Kit 520Y Maintenance Kit Hitch Mount Cargo Box
Image Tilmor Tractor 520M Tilmor Tractor 520M cultivation lights work lights bpto front receiver hitch suspension seat tuff top canopy road package aux hydraulics front aux power rear aux power male 12v aux acc implement kit maintenance-kit Cargo Box
Tilmor Part Number 46-11100 46-11105 AT-9046 AT-9047 AT-9048 AT-9049 AT-9054-99 AT-9059 AT-9077 AT-9086 AT-9088 AT-9089 32-0217 KIT-1050 AT-9094 AA-9089
GTIN 00850002085402
Manufacturer Part Number N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Weight 2500.0000 lbs. 2700.0000 lbs. 0.1000 lbs. 0.1000 lbs. 0.1000 lbs. 9.4000 lbs. 0.1000 lbs. 39.0000 lbs. 0.1000 lbs. 0.1000 lbs. 0.1000 lbs. 0.1000 lbs. 0.8000 lbs. 50 lbs. 5.5500 lbs. 55.0000 lbs.
California Residents WARNING: Click here for more information on Proposition 65
Warranty Limited 2 year warranty. Click here for more information.


520Y Tractor Manual
Operators Manual

520 Series Tractor
Outer Tie Rod Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Inner Tie Rod Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Shifter Assembly Replacement

520Y Tractor
Air Filter Replacement

520Y Tractor
Engine Oil and Filter Replacement

520Y Tractor
Engine Coolant Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Hydraulic System Fluid and Filter Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Hydraulic Pump Belt Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Drive Belts Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Front Wheel Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Rear Wheel Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Front Spindle and Hub Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Hydraulic Relief Valve Installation

520 Series Tractor
Brake Bleeding Procedure

520 Series Tractor
Brake Rotor Adjustment

520 Series Tractor
Drop Box Replacement

520 Series Tractor
Hydraulic Rear Control Check Valve Installation

520 Series Tractor
Transmission Grease Fitting Installation

Suspension Seat

Road Package

Implement Winch

Tuff Top Canopy

520M Tractor
Operator Manual

520Y Tractor
Parts Manual

520Y Tractor
Service Manual