RoHand II Electric Picking Assistant

Manufacturer Part Number: ROHAND2

Tilmor Part Number:

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Ease the pain of back breaking labor. With the RoHand picking assistant, you can quickly glide over rows to harvest, weed, or plant without ever bending over. This electric unit is ideal for picking strawberries, green beans and other produce. Use it for precision in-row weeding for asparagus, onions and other vegetables.

Operator comfort was key in the design of everything from the sun and weather shade to the body platform cushion and headrest. The machine can be easily adjusted for different crop heights and different sized operators.

It is battery powered and solar charged. Dual 24V, DC gear motors drive the two front bar type tread tires. Travel speed and steering are controlled by foot switches leaving the operator’s hands free for harvesting, weeding, planting, pruning, and more. The high-quality full throttle and control system, give the operator precision control over the speed of the machine.

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Standard Features

Adjustable Body Platform
Foot Controls
Drive Wheel
Rear Storage Shelf

Adjustable Body Platform

The unique design of the operator platform and headrest provide great visibility and maneuverability. The platform can quickly and easily be adjusted for different height crops and different size operators. The padded headrest wraps around the operator’s head to comfortably support the operator’s head and neck.

Foot Control Driving & Steering

Travel speed and steering are controlled via foot switches leaving both of the operator's hands free for harvesting, weeding, planting, pruning, etc. The high-quality full throttle and control system, give the operator precision control over the speed of the machine.

Direct Drive Motor

The RoHand II is powered by dual 24 V, DC gear motors. This direct drive power is delivered to both front tires. The aggressive, bar type tread will power through almost any field condition. A disengage lever on the motor allows the RoHand II to be taken out of gear to be pushed or towed.

Rear Storage Racks

Trays at the rear of the RoHand II provide room for the operator to store additional flats of product while protecting them from the rain or sun.

Large Rear Wheel
Adjustable Width
Power Steering
Solar Charging

Large Rear Wheel

Large diameter rear tires roll easily through mud or heavy organic matter, reducing the wattage load on the drive system.

Adjustable Frame Width

A wide open frame design gives plenty of clearance for a wide variety of crops and applications. The wheel spacing can be set to three different positions 48", 56" and 64" tire centers to accommodate different row spacing.

Power Steering

A power steering actuator allows the operator to control steering of the RoHand II by foot petals. This keeps both hands free at all times and make staying centered on the row a breeze. A sharp turning radius makes turning around at the end of the row quick and easy.

Solar Charging

A roof mounted solar panel provides the charging power for the lithium–ion battery system. The solar panel is constantly charging the battery during daylight hours so the RoHand II is always ready to work.

Sun Shade
Control Box

Sun & Weather Shade

Open and airy but quickly drop the sides to keep out the setting sun or rain when the weather is dreary.


The lithium-ion battery pack weighs much less and will provide many more charge/discharge cycles than a lead acid type battery system.


RoHand II
Clearance: 30 inches (76.2 cm)
Tire Spacing: 48"-56"-64" On Center (122-163 cm)
Max Operator Weight: 300 lbs. (136 kg)
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Drive System: Dual 24V, DC gear motors
Tray Capacity: Holds up to 7 flats
Operator Controls: Hands-free, Foot-control Driven
Speed: Variable up to 2.5mph (205ft/min)
Charge System: Solar or Wall Charger
Extra Options: LED lights for after-dark work
Name RoHand II Electric Picking Assistant
Image electric picking assistant for strawberries and asparagus
Tilmor Part Number N/A
Manufacturer Part Number ROHAND2
Weight 650.0000 lbs.
California Residents WARNING: Click here for more information on Proposition 65