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Not able to use the basket weeder because your soil is too hard or rocky? Spyder baskets can replace standard basket wires on the front axle of a basket weeder for better penetration and strength in soils that tend to crust or have more rocks. Use on a basket weeder frame you already have or purchase a new one.

  • Break hard crust, or clay soils
  • Disturb and kill thread stage weeds without throwing soil onto small crops
  • Add weight for more aggressive cultivation

  • Assembly Tips:
  • Orient the spyder teeth facing up in the front to shed organic material
  • Wear protective gloves and sleeves when handling sharp edges
  • Build set-up from the inside out on the axle
  • Alternate axle holes to evenly distribute weight

  • Basket Size

    2 Spyder Basket

    Includes a left and right Spyder basket to use in combination with 4",5", and 6" basket sizes.

    3 spyder baskets

    Includes a left and two right Spyders to use in combination with 7",8", and 9" basket sizes.

    4 spyder basket

    Includes two left and two right Spyders to use in combination with 10" and 12" basket sizes.

    Mount to your own 2" square toolbar.

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    Spyder Basket - Right Hand
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    Spyder Basket Hardware Kit
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    Name Spyder Basket 4"-6" Spyder Basket 7"-9" Spyder Basket 10"-12" None Spyder Basket - Right Hand Spyder Basket - Left Hand Spyder Basket Hardware Kit
    Image 2 Spyder Basket 3 spyder baskets 4 spyder basket
    Tilmor Part Number KIT-1073 KIT-1074 KIT-1075 N/A AW-6036 AW-6037 49-4109
    Manufacturer Part Number N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Weight 10.5 lbs. 10.5 lbs. 10.5 lbs. 0 lbs. 5.0000 lbs. 5.0000 lbs. 0.5000 lbs.
    California Residents WARNING: Click here for more information on Proposition 65
    Warranty Limited 1 year warranty to original owner. Click here for more information.