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The all new Tilmor E-Ox combines the simple, functionality of a wheel hoe with the ease and power of a walk behind tractor. This is a great solution for a small scale farmer that does not need the capabilities of a Power Ox 240, and is perfect for use in hoop houses where exhaust fumes can be a problem. With the E-Ox standard toolbar you can change tools in seconds. You can easily go from tine weeding to discing to using cultivation sweeps. Designed to complement a primary tillage tool, the E-Ox is equipped to make home and market gardening easier!

Spotlight Features:
  • Use Your Tool Batteries (Dewalt 20v, Makita 18v, Milwaukee 18v)*
  • Industrial Grade Brushed Electric Motor - 2000 Hour Operation Cycle
  • Simple Controls - Power, Speed, and Throttle
  • Visual Information - Battery Status and Speed Selection
  • Up to 70 minutes of field work with two 5AH Batteries**
  • Versatile Tooling Options - Front and Rear Hitch

Batteries not included: Add your own batteries for operation (Dewalt 20v, Makita 18v, Milwaukee 18v)*

Battery Type:

Batteries not included.
Requires 2x Dewalt 20v or 2x Milwaukee batteries to operate.
Max 6ah battery size recommended.

Batteries not included.
Requires 2x Makita 18v batteries to operate.
Max 6ah battery size recommended.


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Additional Features and Specifications:
  • Quick-Change of implements with no tools
  • Total Width - 16.125"
  • Tires - 1.5" Wide
  • Ground Clearance - 6"
  • 5 Speed settings - Top Speed = 3.6mph
  • Overload Protection - 25 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • Battery Protection - Controller prevents over-discharge
  • Folding Handles to easily load into any vehicle
  • Adjustable Handles for different operator heights
  • Variable ground speed from crawl to fast walk
  • Balanced for optimal maneuverability
  • Easily cultivate indoors with just the sound of the tools and no fumes
  • Fits Planet Jr Tuffy cultivation tools that use the standard toolbar
  • Modeled after the successful Planet Jr Tuffy
Important Things to Consider:
  • Well prepared beds that are level and free of debris are critical for effective planting and cultivation.
  • Planting in straight/parallel rows is critical for efficient mechanical cultivation
  • If you have soil that is very uneven and full of debris, initial cultivation may be difficult to get tooling to fully engage.
*Batteries not included
** Runtime will vary based on any number of factors. Some of these factors are the condition of the batteries, tool being used, speed, incline, and whether the operator is an "active" participant in moving with the machine as they walk or whether they are being pulled along. The approximate runtime listed was not simply calculated but it was observed through field testing.
Name Dewalt Makita
Tilmor Part Number AE-9001 AE-9020
Manufacturer Part Number N/A N/A
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Warranty Limited 1 year warranty to original owner. Click here for more information.